About Us?

About Us?

CIH S.A. it is associated with the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba and with a presence throughout the Cuban territory, acts as an interface University - Company and offers professional consulting services, technology transfer, auditing, appraisals, computer and custom training for companies and institutions of national or foreign interests. This peculiarity allows it to provide services from all branches of knowledge and form multidisciplinary teams with the support of all the universities and research centers of Cuban Higher Education. Its staff is made up of recognized experts in the Higher Education system, whose professional knowledge and experience make the difference in the services provided.


It is a commercial company that offers professional services of excellence in Cuba and abroad, treasured by the expertise of its professionals and the existing knowledge in Universities and Entities, Technology and Innovation, providing integral solutions and betting on sustainable development.


Leaders in the professional services of excellence that we offer, with an effective response to dissimilar problems, guaranteeing integral solutions, sustainability and prosperity in the economic and social development of the nation, strengthened by the knowledge, professionalism and expertise treasured in the Universities and Entities of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Our Managers

Our management body has a General Shareholders' Meeting, a Board of Directors and an Operations Board that is made up of passionate professional experts whose dedication and motivation is vital for our clients to achieve success.

MSc. Alberto Pérez Tejeda


Lic. David Rodríguez Sierra

Vice president

MSc. Armando Barrera García

Vice president

Ing. José Alfonso Pardo

Vice president

Lic. Fernando Poo del Peso

Legal secretary

Esperanza G. Arcaño Clara


Gretel Dieppa Pérez